Don't worry. I'll wait.
How this generally goes.













Who cares?



Sometimes it feels just like I’m falling in the ocean.

I want the beach. I don’t think people understand. I need it for sanity.

I want to smell the salt in the air. Feel the sun on my face. I want to feel the breeze.

I want to drive down the road to the beach. That beautifully desolate road that seems to stretch on forever with seemingly no end, that finally leads to something truly sublime. I want to stick my head out the window and escape for 30 minutes while the combination of the speed of the car mixes with the wind coming in from the Gulf, creating a beautiful white noise that blocks out everything while I look into the sky and see every star imaginable, because there are no city lights to obstruct my view on this island.

And this will happen. Even if I have to go by my damn self, by God it’s happening.

Bad things happen to good people.

That moment when you want to hang out but all your best friends are either out of town or with their significant others..and you’re sitting alone on the couch stiiiiiiill single. 


Who’s to say what defines something?

My friend recently said something about a girl who “had a dancer’s body.” My question is, what defines someone in order to have a “dancer’s body”?

Most people would say they’re average height, lean build, and thin. But I’ve seen short and heavy girls dance and move with more heart than a scrawny girl ever could.

It’s depressing that we put labels on ourselves and others as to what we’re capable of. Who’s to say that one person is more capable of dancing than another? Or singing? Or acting? Or swimming? Or modeling?

I think if you have it in you, it’s a talent you were given to share, whether you have the stereotypical body or voice for it or not.

No one defines you, except for yourself.
No one defines what you do, except for your actions.

Sorry I’m not good fertilizer.

You…you are the fucking worst.

If you’re not mad at me.. Why did you block me on twitter? Being fake is just as trashy, smartass.

I’m tired of being sucked into the middle of everything. I didn’t even do anything but be friends with someone I was already friends with. I keep my mouth shut because I know better.

Also, I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell you what I was doing at all because its not any of your damn business. I don’t like liars. I’m not a liar. So don’t make me out to be one.

You’re probably the one person I could care less about being friends with. You’re not someone I need in my life. I don’t need the drama. I don’t need the exhaustion. I don’t need your bullshit.

Go home.

Why do you ever get back with someone?

“Because you’re comfortable with them, or scared to move on.”

My friend said this tonight. I don’t know whether I agree or not. I think you can still love someone, and could just be forced to quit them. I was.

I’m getting too old for this shit.

Well, folks. It’s getting to that point. And I can honestly say, I couldn’t be happier. 

First, everyone needs to stop getting so damn butt-hurt about everything and grow some thick skin. The world is an ugly place with a LOT of ugly people in it. I’m not talking about their looks. I’m talking about their actions. You’re NOT going to like people. And people aren’t going to like you. 

Get the hell over it. 

Second, when somebody is mean to you, shake it off. They’re mean to you for a reason. It could be any number of reasons. They COULD be jealous. That’s one of the most likely reasons. Another is that you probably DESERVE it. Stop being a bitch or dumbass, and you won’t have to worry about people TREATING YOU LIKE ONE. Seriously. Change the way you act and people won’t be nearly as mean to you. 

Third, I don’t have to like you. I don’t even have to pretend to like you. All I’m required to do is tolerate you. And that’s not someone telling me to do so. It’s me being a mature person.

Someone who is immature would force me to get along with them.

Someone who is immature would force me to apologize for my opinion. 

Someone who is immature would say that THEY are the victim. Because you are, aren’t you? You’re always the victim. It’s never your own fault for the things that happen to you. 

Well I’m here to tell you otherwise. If something happens to you and you don’t like it, its your own damn fault. 

It was my own damn fault for thinking someone could give a shit. But you know what? I’ve learned. I’ve grown the hell up, and I’m learning to get over it. I was a fool. I am a fool. 

But you’re worse. You’re not a fool. A fool is deceived into their actions.

You choose your actions with full knowledge and intent. They’re just the worst decisions anyone could make. You have the worst emotional stability. 

You’re immature. 

And I just can’t with that.